Drag Persona Contest

The following drag personas have given us a little taste of the magic they can whip up for an audience. Watch them all, then vote for your favourite persona. Tune into our Facebook live stream to watch the finalists compete on Friday, September 17th!!!

Voting will remain open until midnight on Monday, August 23rd.

Cyril Cinder

More About Cyril Cinder...

Cyril Cinder is a dynamic and dramatic drag king known for his unique concepts and high energy performances, and has been performing since 2014. One of the stars of Drag Heals season 2 on OutTV, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV, he loves introducing kings to new audiences. A fierce advocate for queerdos and oddballs everywhere, he wins over hearts and minds when he takes the stage and/or microphone as a performer and MC. Known for producing diverse, inclusive, and electrifying shows across both physical and virtual stages, Cyril Cinder brings together seasoned entertainers with new and emerging talent looking to break into the world of drag. He takes pride in being a positive role model for his community and encouraging others to tap into their unique strengths and abilities. Also recognized as a seasoned host, Cyril Cinder can trade witty repartee with the quickest drag queens in the business when given a microphone.

Dinah Might

More About Dinah Might...

Hey there, My name is Dinah Might. I am a local Drag Queen here in North Bay. I have been performing for the past 5 years through events held by North Bay Pride, The Equity Centre at Nippissing University, and I have also organized and hosted a few of my own shows. I have been fortunate to get to read during Drag Story Time at the North Bay Library and the Capitol Centre. I’m excited that the world has been starting to open back up and performances are on the horizon. I typically perform hip hop and pop music that promotes female empowerment. I also really enjoy learning new makeup skills and styles, and have been sharing this lately on Youtube! I’m extremely excited for the opportunity to perform live in front of Tynomi Banks and the rest of the competition’s viewers, and of course, have a chance to win $1000.

Lady Horsecock

More About Lady Horsecock...

My name, is Lady horsecock!!! You definitely have not met me before, but I’m looking forward to getting the chance to meet all of you! I am very new to drag, but I’m here to have a bunch of fun, blow you away with my Pixar mom curves, an tell you the ULTIMATE, dad jokes a gal can come up with!

Hope you enjoy!

Misty Lane

More About Misty Lane...

Misty Lane, A 1940’s starlet who’s a little long in the tooth but still thinks she is all that. 
I started drag back in the stone age in 1978 but only performed for a couple of years.  Back then it was impossible to make a living at drag, especially in cow town Calgary…so a decision had to be made drag or eating, so I stop doing drag and got a “REAL” job.  I picked it back up again 4 years ago after being Queen Elizabeth II in our town’s Canada’s 150 Birthday Parade.  I was hooked again and now that I’m semi-retired I can provide more time and energy to performing.  So at 63 years young, I’m living my dream.

Tucker Under

More About Tucker Under...

Hi, I’m Tucker Under. I first started drag when I was 19. One of my friends, who also a drag king, was nervous for their first show and wanted someone to do the show with them. I’ve been hooked since and have been performing any chance I get. I’ve performed in Kitchener, Hamilton, London and Barrie. Now that I’ve moved to North Bay I can’t wait to start performing with the amazing drag community here!


More About Dysphoria...

Hey everyone! My name is Dysphoria, I am 21 years of age, and I have been doing drag for 3 years. I have been fascinated by drag artists for a long time, and am in love with the impact drag has on people. Drag is political! Drag is a protest! Through participating in drag we are able to explore and defy the gender binary, as well as fight back against homophobia, femmephobia and transphobia. My favourite part of doing drag is the sense of community and the ability to make a chosen family.

Messy Margaret

More About Messy Margaret...

Messy Margaret is Toronto’s premiere canned tuna drag queen! She may be a Toronto girl but she was born and raised right here in North Bay. Messy hit the scene in January of 2020. In adapting to the world dictated by COVID19, Messy set her sights to the digital world and started making fun TikTok videos. She now has 70K followers and she continues to make her fun videos. Messy is a comedian and character actor. Her most notable characters are Matante Cherie, Karen, Rich Mom and a multitude of restaurant workers and guests. When Messy isn’t being funny on stage she likes to move her audience with dramatic lip synch performances that will either move you or give you gas. You can get the full Messy experience by following her on Instagram @what.a.mess00 and TikTok @messymargaretqueen20.


More About Kyle...

I am a mental health nurse looking to spread mental health awareness. 

Looking to spread the love this year at North Bay pride. 

Hope to see everyone out for support.


Dixie Rect

More About Dixie Rect...

Dixie is a flamboyant performer known for over the top characters in wild costumes. She’s the founder of both the “Cosplay Drag Show” and the “Cosplay Burlesque Show”. When Dixie isn’t tucked, onstage, and covered in glitter she’ll still be covered in glitter playing the piano, camping, starting kitchen fires while attempting to cook, running camps at Fox Haven, nude modelling, and taking unsuspecting friends on crazy adventures.


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