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Jocelyn Green CEO


Jocelyn Green

A Message From Our CEO

My name is Jocelyn Green (stage name, Lady Rae-Vyn) my pronouns are Her/She :-^
To me, the LGBTQ2S+ Community is one HUGE loving and accepting family. I have been fortunate to attend events and shows, hosted by LGBTQ2S+ Community, and to feel that energy… it is BOMB!
Personally, I’m not one for labels, since to me, it’s all about energy. However, if I had to choose, I would identify as ‘Pan’.
My involvement, with North Bay Pride, isn’t (for me) about gender identification or sexual orientation, rather it’s about equality and working towards driving those rights home.
I am part of another marginalized group; a visible minority. I am a comedian and I am known for making light of my own challenges, being the only person of colour in my family, and having grown up in predominantly ‘non POC’ communities.
Pride groups have opened their arms to those groups, as well: POCs (Persons of Colour), BLM, Indigenous. Thus, resulting in ROCKING this movement with more strength because of the inclusivity.

I believe in being a voice for those who are afraid, and being an ear for those who feel they are not being heard.

To those who feel…
Alone… You’re not.
Not accepted… You are.
Ashamed… No! You be YOU!
Yeah, we GOT you.

Board Member


Hi! My name is Aidan and I use they/them pronouns.

I’m a student currently attending Nipissing University, and I am the Executive Director of The Equity Centre. I joined North Bay Pride in order to help the organization move forward and make meaningful change in the community.

Leshya Lecappelain Board Member

Board Member

Leshya Lecappelain

My name is Leshya, and I prefer she/her pronouns.

I recently returned to North Bay with my partner and our lively toddler. I’m an accountant by trade, but when I’m not working on spreadsheets, I like hiking, running, and paddling. 

I think Pride events should be accessible to members of our community of all different backgrounds, abilities, and life stages. There is work left to be done to improve the equality, inclusion, and visibility of community members, and I’m aiming to help our organization get there!

Jason Maclennan


Jason Maclennan